Word Press Web Hosting

At SE Technology we provide wordpress web hosting for companies and individuals who want to run wordpress websites with updated security

SE Technology custom development specializes in development of powerful applications built in PHP, JAVA EE. ASP and NodeJS

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Our Technology

A great application begins with a good application architecture. SE Technology develops applications in JAVA EE, PHP Framework like symphony, and many other application based architecture. Project Management Software is used on all of our project with UML Language.

Development Approach

  • Technology: Object oriented technologies with component-based architecture is used on most Projects.
  • Methodology: Object Oriented Analysis and Design using Unified Modeling Language (UML) method is used.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Projects are monitored using UML Tools, project management tools and the results will be evaluated for the purpose of positive feedback.
  • Post-development Phase: Once the application is developed and tested, it will be installed on the contract specified servers.